Southern California Bight Satellite Data

Navigated and calibrated AVHRR satellite data images of the Southern California Bight taken during the CaBS experiment were provided by the University of British Columbia, Canada.

The following images are centered at latitude 35.5 and longitude 119. The latitude range is four degrees.

Click the date listed below for a color picture of the Satellite derived sea surface temperature maps (from file 4). The coldest water is indicated by the white to pink colors, the warmest by orange to red (from Hickey, 'Circulation over the Santa Monica - San Pedro Basin and Shelf', Progress in Oceanography, Vol. 30, p106, 1992).

January 29, 1990

February 5, 1990


Click binary images to access all the binary files for Jan. 24, 1990 through Feb. 6, 1990