Historical Current Meter Data 1967–2000

Below are links to current meter data collected on several older Oceanographic projects. Data presented here were collected from a variety of funding sources, e.g., The U.S. Atomic Energy Commision, The Department of Energy, The National Science Foundation, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

Clicking on the Project Name will take you to the current meter data.

In many cases water property (CTD; conductivity, temperature and depth) data was collected on the current meter deployment and/or recovery cruises. Links to the available CTD data are provided below in the CTD data columns. Light green shaded cells indicate data is scannned paper listings save as pdf files. Blue shaded cells are electronic listings.

Date Project Name CTD data CTD data CTD data CTD data
1967-1969 Shelf Observations near the Columbia River        
1971 Observations on the Washington Continental Shelf        
1972 Observations on the Washington Continental Shelf        
1973-1974 Observations on the Washington Continental Shelf        
1975 Winter-Spring        
1977 Cross Shelf Experiment        
1977-1978 Slope Undercurrent study TT125 TT136    
1978 Astoria Canyon I TT125 TT136    
1979 Quinault Canyon I W7904 TT140    
1980-1981 Quinault Canyon II W8009C W8010A W8101A TT162
1981 UP-I TT160      
1982 Quinault Canyon III W8201      
1982 UP-II W8206 W8206 C8206 C8206
1983 Astoria Canyon II W8305A W8305A TT174 TT175
1990-1991 Columbia River Plume W9010 W9101    
1995-1996 Willapa Bay        
1997-2000 PNCERS        
2000-2004 GLOBEC        

Last updated August 20, 2017.